[gnome-db] Query and parameter list



How should I specify ‘paramters’ in a Gda::Command ?


I’ve got the following (in Ruby)


@update_user = Gda::Command.new( “UPDATE GARGOYLE.GRGL_USERS SET LOGIN=$1, NAME=$2, EMAIL=$3”

                             , Gda::Command::TYPE_SQL

                             , Gda::Command::OPTION_STOP_ON_ERRORS )


And then, later, I would like to write something like


Dsn_connection.begin_transaction( toto = Gda::Transaction.new( ‘toto’ ) )

Dsn_connection.execute_single_command( @update_user,


            Gda::Parameter.new( ‘$1’ , <value to substitute $1 into @update_user> ),

            Gda::Parameter.new( ‘$2’ , <value to substitute $2 into @update_user> ),

            Gda::Parameter.new( ‘$3’ , <value to substitute $3 into @update_user> ) ) )

Dsn_connection.commit_transaction( toto )




Marzullo Laurent

Atos Origin - Gestion de Configuration

mail: laurent marzullo atosorigin com

Tél: 01 44 (44 55 54)


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