[gnome-db] wiki


If you visited gnome-db site today you may have already noticed we have
now a wiki!!!

The idea to put a wiki is so that everyone can help us keep the web
up-to-date, which is something we have failed miserably. So now that we
have it, we need people to help us keeping it-up-to-date, so please
visit it and add any information you want.

Although, as the structure is not clear, if you intend to do big changes
(like add new pages), please tell it first here in the list, so that we
can coordinate.

One thing I was now thinking is about news, the simplest solution is to
have a section 'News' on the front page and add links for each news item
whenever we have something to add. That is easy, but one of the things
that were missing in the old website is a RSS feed, so that we can have
our news in planets and the likes. Is there any way to integrate RSS
feeds into a wiki?
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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