[gnome-db] Postgres database connections

Hi all,

I have been working through the libgda manual getting the feel for the
code examples. I want to create a PostgreSQL connection and run a simple
SQL statement on a database. I can't figure out from the documentation
just what functions I need to do it. Any help would be appreciated. The
code I'm working on is below.



    GdaClient *client;
    GdaServerProvider *provider;
    GdaConnection *connection;

    gboolean test;
    gchar * mySQL = "select * from testing;";

    client = gda_client_new ();

    provider = (GdaServerProvider *) "PostgreSQL";
    g_print("%s\n", provider);

    /* looks good until here then segfaults */
    /* can't figure out what functions I need here */

    connection = gda_client_open_connection (client, "foo_ds", "postgres",

    gda_server_provider_open_connection( provider, connection, NULL,
"postgres", "**********");

    /* just want to see if I can run an SQL statement */
    test = execute_sql_command (connection, mySQL);

    gda_client_close_all_connections (client);

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