Re: [gnome-db] How to compile libgda, libgnomedb and mergeant on MSYS from www.mi

There are make files in CVS for building the core library, I have
managed to get mysql build and tested, and postgres built (but not

The make files propably work on linux, they use mingw from what I
remember. - they should also download (or try to) the required

Dont expect it to be simple, it takes alot of time to get to work, and
understand the process..

have a look at the comments at the top of this file.


On Fri, 2005-02-18 at 11:09 +0100, JC Jan Christensen wrote:
>  Dear Sirs.
>  How can I compile libgda,libgnomedb and mergeant on MSYS from 
> for the Win32-platform ????
>  What should I need ????
>  What should I do ???
>  I already have installed MSYS and mingw-runtime and win32api 
>  and binutils and gcc !!!
>  My E-mail-adress is : jan christensen riva-systems dk
>  I hope to hear from you.
>  Best regards
>  Jan Christensen
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