[gnome-db] libgda freeze for GNOME 2.12?

Are you really planning to freeze the libgda HEAD for GNOME 2.12? I have
fairly strong doubts that this is possible? I don't think that this new
API has really had enough testing, though that's partly my fault for not
wrapping it for C++ yet (partly because it was changing so much).

And I think it should have been officially frozen at the GNOME 2.12 API
freeze time to reach real API freeze at the same time as GNOME 2.12.

I know of at least one bug that should be fixed before a .0 version
because you couldn't really fix it afterwards:

Ideally this would be done too:

This would be nice too:

I will try to wrap it soon for libgdamm, now that it's settled down a

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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