Re: [gnome-db] Note on using a data source from a version < 1.3.91

2005/8/12, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com>:
> I'm trying to use a preconfigured datasource from an old 1.3.4
> version, but it don't work when you want to browse; then I try running
> the gnome-database-properties, from the terminal and see that the DICT
> is:
> "File '$HOME/.libgda/DICT_protecciones_default.xml' does not dictorm to DTD:"
> I think about is a change in the 1.3.99, over the original DTD
> definition used in 1.3.4, and I think is a BUG! need be detected an
> old version, and force to update the xml DICT.

I'm suprised because the changes to the DTD I've introduced are more
cosmetic than anything else, and there should not be any problem (BTW
the big change is now that objects IDs are kind of BASE64 encoded and
not readable anymore, but I've added code to automatically and
silently handle the changes when a dictionary is loaded).

Could you send me the XML file which is a problem?

Note that I'm on holliday for the next 3 weeks, so don't expect a
quick answer...



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