[gnome-db] ANNOUNCE: libgdamm 1.3.1

*** libgdamm

libgdamm provides C++ wrappers for libgda for use with gtkmm. libgda is a generic 
database API with several database provider implementations.

This is still an early unused version, to try to get some attention from interested 
hackers. If you'd like this stuff to work, you should try to create working examples 
and submit patches.

Contact us in the usual gnomemm places - see http://www.gtkmm.org. There is a libgdamm
component in bugzilla's gnomemm product. It is waiting eagerly for your patches. This 
stuff should be easy if you have a little time.

It's in gnome's cvs in gnomemm/libgdamm.

*** Changes


* Now depends on glibmm 2.4 instead of gtkmm 2.2
* Updated for libgda API changes (Billy O'Connor)
* pkgconfig file fixed (Alexander Nedotsukov)
* Added Client, DataSourceInfo, Config, ProviderInfo, Row.
* ServerProvider: Added new methods.
* Wrapped some GList* return types as ListHandles.
* Added Gnome::Gda::init().

* examples: They now work with out crashing, though they don't do much.

*** Download 

and the mirrors.

You will need glibmm 2.4 and libgda, available from the same place.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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