Re: [gnome-db] unsigned long value from GdaValue

> Hello
> I have a MySQL database and a table as this:
> CREATE table host (
> 	name VARCHAR(12)
> );
> The IP column contain a unsigned long value from the function ntohl().
> But when I do a SELECT the provider cast this value to integer.

This seems to be a problem with the MySQL provider which should map
the value to a GDA_VALUE_TYPE_UINTEGER value. I think that the
fill_gda_value() function in providers/mysql/gda-mysql-recordset.c needs a
bit more work...

> There are something way to get an unsigned long value with a GdaValue?

Have a look at libgda's sources, file libgda/gda-value.h to see all the
possible data types in GdaValue.



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