[gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

On Sat, Mar 13, 2004 at 01:28:58PM +1300, Dru was heard to remark:
> I know what you mean. i stopped trying to populate c style structures 
> from db's, sockets etc a while ago.  I didn't like having to write new c 
> structures for every table, and a couple supporting functions for 
> mapping values in structure to values in db. 

Yes, that is true; simple apps like bugzilla don't do any processing, 
they simply map db contents to web pages and back.  These kinds of 
apps can be specified in a purely declarative fashion, and someday 
we may have a new declarative programming language to do this.

(That's what I tried to do with DWI/DUI: at its core, it really
is a new declarative programming language. Unfortunately, I embedded 
it in XML.  Although XML is superficially declarative, its just plain 
not human-readable for the most part).

But some apps need to do proceedural things, and for these, one
needs to have access to a proceedural language, such as C or C++. 
(or perl or python or java or mono/c#) And for that, you want to 
have a DB layer that will map SQL tables to objects.  (and be 
multi-user, distributed, yadda yadda).


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