[gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

> This starts to sound alot more like a spreadsheet than a document.
> Gnumeric can already offer many of those capabilities now.
> - It can contain widgets (although they need to do more)
> - value formating is fairly strong (that engine will be in
>   libgoffice)
> - we support hiding cols/rows
> - subtotals
> We're missing hiding individual values, although that's fairly
> trivial.  There is also no support for triple underlines.
> Sounds like what you really need is a way to generate an abi
> document that contains a spreadsheet and a way to print the result.

Yeah, I keep wondering why people keep pointing at AbiWord as the
would-be "report presentation" tool.

They'll have to "box" the contents into tables nested inside documents,
when it would seem a whole lot more natural to put the data into
spreadsheet cells, avoid the layer of indirection, and take advantage of
the fact that Gnumeric can actually perform substantial calculations of
its own.

Or am I perhaps missing either some fundamental feature that AbiWord has
that would make its use spectacularly valuable, or some stupendously
fatal flaw in Gnumeric that makes it a horrible choice?
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