Re: [gnome-db] Re: GRAND MASTER PLAN

> > Sounds like what you really need is a way to generate an abi
> > document that contains a spreadsheet and a way to print the result.
> Yes, possibly.  To answer Chris Browne's question more directly:
> Imagine a dunning letter:
>                                          [company motto]
>        Dear Mr. XXX,
>        Your account with us is now XXX days overdue. Please 
>        remit XXX dollars immediately. 
>                                     Sincerly,
>                                     William "Bill" Collector
> Its not really a spreasheet.  The bill might be itemized, and a table
> would be needed for that, but it really is abi and not gnumeric that is
> best suited for this type of a report.

But this doesn't need anything remotely resembling a "report engine". 
Any application with GDA support (Abiword, etc...) or ODBC (OOo, etc...)
can do this via current mail merge techniques [ assuming a data source
exists with the required data ].

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