[gnome-db] Re: libgda .... Re: GnuCash page on GO site

Charles Goodwin <charlie xwt org> writes:

> As for my comments on your goals for GnuCash; they're grand and
> ambitious and admirable for that.  But when do you plan on releasing
> GnuCash? 

When it's ready.  It barely compiles now.  It's certainly not ready
for people who aren't willing to be active developers, and IMHO those
people can just pull it from CVS.

>   Why not set a string of short term goals that are achievable
> whilst moving toward your long term ambitions?  

Because it's hard to judge goals when you don't have dedicated
resources.  Based on the list of work that *NEEDS* to be done, there's
no way to guage how long this work will take.  There is a minimum
amount of work that is absolutely, 100%, no questions asked, REQUIRED
before we can release gnucash-2.

I suspect the required features would cosume on the order of 6-12
man-months of work.  This, of course, assumes full-time developers.
Recently I think we've had about a total of 20% of a single developer
total (with the combined availability of all the existing developers).
So, unless the resource problem gets fixed, it's going to take another
2.5-5 years to finish the port.

>   Users (at least anybody
> that I've talked to about it which is a fair number of people) want a
> single-user Gnome2 version of GnuCash.  A multi-user SQL-using
> super-application is not realistic before the end of this year.

Nobody is talking about the latter, only the former.  How many times
do I have to repeat: A gnome-2 port is a LOT of work.  A TON.  About
80% of the required work I refered to above is the gnome2 port.
So even if all we want is a gnome2 port of what's in 1.8, we're STILL
talking about a large number of resources THAT WE DON'T HAVE!


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