[gnome-db] Problems with compilation of mergeant from CVS


I was trying to compile mergeant from CVS. The first problem I
stumbled upon was that no rule existed to generate marshal.h in
the directory libmergeant. I manually did

glib-genmarshal marshal.list --header --prefix=marshal > marshal.h

which seemed to work. Also in doc db2html were used to generate
documentation i HTML. I did

cd /usr/bin; ln -s docbook2html db2html

to make that happen. I still got a lot of errors, bit it seemed to work.
The programs in testing and extra seemes a bit outdated. I
consistently get errors like:

mg-db-browser.c:468: error: too few arguments to function `mg_selector_new'

                - Mårten
mail: msv kth se *** ICQ: 4356928 *** mobile: +46 (0)707390385

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