Re: [gnome-db] [mergeant] Status ?

On Sun, 2004-02-01 at 21:10 +0100, Michał 'pingu' Lachowicz wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya wrote:
>  > On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 14:36 +0100, Michał 'pingu' Lachowicz wrote:
>  >>what should i do ?
>  >
>  > anoncvs does not allow write access, so, as I said before, get the
>  > sources from anoncvs, modify the files you need to, and send a patch of
>  > those modifications, along with the files that need to be added, and
>  > I'll add them myself to CVS.
>  >
> understood cvs think, but
> as u said:
> "We need to move them to mergeant/
> doc, so if you want to help, that would be a good first task you could
> do. It is just to remove the doc/ directory contents in mergeant and add
> the contents of libmergeant/doc."
> Is there a way i could send you a patch of this kind of modification ?
> This looks like a cvs work, am i wrong ?
yes, send a patch for the modified files (cvs -z3 diff -u) and send it
along with the added files.


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