[gnome-db] GNOME-DB will replace the unixODBC-gui-GTK and How?

I Try to configure an access to a data base usig ODBC,
but the problem is:

- If I try to use unixodbcinsc, it's not GUI based
(not for normal users)

- If I try to install unixODBC-gui-gtk (I think I need
this to have access via OpenOffice using the GUI way,
of course), but I can't install due problem in the
version installed (I will update to unixODBC 2.2.9).

But the rely question is:

The GNOME-DB, data base properties program, will
replace the unixODBC-gui-GTK; for example, some
OpenOffice use the one to configure a new DSN using
ODBC, but th gnome-db will replace this?

If so, wy I can't have an interface like
unixODBC-gui-gtk (It is easy to use), and to just a
STRING paramenter (I can't find at the moment how to
configure this parameter, but I will).

I thing this is the problem with other providers, the
parameters can be configure in a widget specific for
it's one, to help to configure the "fine parameters"
of the providers.

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