[gnome-db] Database Name Missing in the New Data Source Wizard

Testing Version 1.1.6

If you try to create a new Data Source, the Wizar
don't ask you for the Data Base Name, and as user
normaly prefer don't to fill the parameters, becouse I
think it for advanced users.

I think the first step to fill up the minimum
information to access a data source (supouse the so
called advanced options are defaults) in the Wizard
'must' be there.

This 'advanced options' are in english, and a spanish
peaple normaly don't take care about it.

In my case, I create a new data source and don't take
care about this options, and I can't connect becouse I
don't fill up the database name (it's basic for

This is just a point of view from an end user.

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