[gnome-db] calling gda_client_find_connection twice with null username/passwords combos

I have a config something like this:
gda_config_save_data_source ("test", "MySQL","DATABASE=test","test", "me","");

One of the situations I have is, that I need to call gda_client_open_connection twice - I could use find connection, but open_connection calls it anyway..

The trouble occurs if I'm using null username/password combo's for open_connection. It will segfault.
#0  0x403ff8b4 in strcmp () from /lib/libc.so.6
No symbol table info available.
#1  0x425993de in gda_client_find_connection () from /usr/lib/libgda-2.so.1
No symbol table info available.
#2  0x42598f24 in gda_client_open_connection () from /usr/lib/libgda-2.so.1
Anyway looking at the code for find connection it's pretty clear why it's failing:

if (((!tmp_dsn && !dsn_info->name) || !strcmp (tmp_dsn, dsn_info->name)) &&
		    ((!tmp_usr && !username) || !strcmp (tmp_usr, username)) &&
		    ((!tmp_pwd && !password) || !strcmp (tmp_pwd, password))) {
			gda_config_free_data_source_info (dsn_info);
			return cnc;

comming in: username = null, password = null, all the others have values..

((!tmp_usr && !username) || !strcmp (tmp_usr, username))

will evaluate:
((!true && !false) || !strcmp("alan", null) <-- oops explode baby...

Basically find connection is not overlaying the username/password from the source info:

adding something like this to start of find_connection should fix it?

dsn_info = gda_config_find_data_source (dsn);
username = username ? username : dsn_info->username;
password = password ? password : dsn_info->password;


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