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After almost 9 months of development, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group is proud to announce that development on PostgreSQL 8.0.0 has now finished, and is ready for some serious testing.

For those wondering about the 8.0.0 designation on this release, there have been several *very* large features included in this release that we felt warranted the jump. As with all of our releases, we aim to have this one as rock solid as possible, but *at least* one of the features added to this release involved such changes that may warrant a bit extra testing post-release before deploying it in production.

Although the list of new features in 8.0.0 is extensive, with both SMB (Win32 Native Support) and Enterprise (Nested Transactions and Point in Time Recory) features being added, there is one thing that hasn't been included as part of the core distribution, and that is a Windows Installer, which can be found at:


For a complete list of changes/improvements since 7.4.0 was released, please see:


That said, and without further ado, Beta 1 is currently available for download on all mirrors:


And, thanks to David Fetter, the Beta is also available via BitTorrent at:


As with all releases, the success of this release falls in the your hands ... to go from Beta -> Release, we need as many people out there to put it through her paces as possible, on as many platforms as possible. We urge anyone, and everyone, to download a copy and run her through her regression tests, and report any/all problems, and bugs, to

	pgsql-bugs postgresql org

The more bugs we can find, and eliminate, during Beta, the more successful the Release will be ...

On behalf of all of the developers, Happy Bug Hunting ...

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