[gnome-db] gda_firebird_recordset_describe_column is working ?

I noticed that the following Changelog entry is missing in CVS head,

       * providers/firebird/gda-firebird-recordset.c:
         (gda_firebird_recordset_describe_column): Is working now.

I'd like to now if entry is missing because somehing related to an assert raised using gnome-database-properties (in my case), after connection with database.

        ** (gnome-database-properties:1940): CRITICAL **:
        file gda-data-model.c: line 467 (gda_data_model_describe_column):
        assertion `CLASS (model)->describe_column != NULL' failed

 I successfully tested gda_data_model_describe_column() with Firebird
provider. But I could not find why assert was reised in gnome-database-properties.


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