[gnome-db] Reports/Mergeant

First of all, Tim has ported papyrus reporting system over to libgda. I dont know who has looked at it and who hasn't.

For those that havn't seen papyrus before heres a quick run down.
reports designed in xml.
retreives data from libgda.
can generate resulting report as latex,pdf,html,text,labels etc.
designed to handle a complex diverse range of reports (we've written about 50 differnet reports over last year or so)
command line driven, variables in report are passed in.

Anyway Is anyone currently working on reporting at moment in gnome-db? I'd imagine mergeant is been a big part of the focus at the moment for gnome-db.

The other thing i was looking at, or going to look at was a gnome app to run reports. This doesn't have to talk to just papyrus but alternative reporting engines also. And this could be a part of mergeant and some of my own apps. I was thinking of an application where you can either choose a list of re-defined reports or open a file which is a report. The application will correctly prompt for the arguments for the report and generate it in a method that is desierable for the user. Bonobo could also be useful so it can be tied into any of our apps. Is anyone interested in developing this or colaberating on developing this? (Trying to suggest i dont want to develop this by myself as i got a number of other things to work on currently.)


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