[gnome-db] New project

Hey all,

I'm working on an infrastructure for building 3d modeling tools.  I want
to use gnome-db to manage the applications' data.

I'm also cleaning up the documentation as I go, so expect a couple of
SGML patches in the near future.  What do you guys use to generate your
SGML documentation?  Right now, I'm using xemacs ;)

I want to allow drag and drop events between my applications, but
instead of dragging and dropping entire data structures, I just want to
dnd database information.  So I'd like to drag a model from one tool to
another and have the applications pull the information from the

I'd like to do this to minimize duplication of data.  So, of course,
updates to the database must be propogated to any applications that are
viewing the table.  Is there a way to emit signals to applications that
are using the gnome-db tools on update/insert?

Thanks in advance for the help!


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