Re: [gnome-db] Deleted Default

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 00:21, Ric Messier wrote:

> > you can use the gnome-database-properties tool, which is part of
> > libgnomedb. If you've got only libgda, you can either use the
> > gda-config-tool command line tool, or edit ~/.libgda/config by hand,
> > which should look like the attached one.
> >
> Thanks for the tip. Very useful. I ended up brute forcing it by deleting all
> that I could and re-building. Since I'm using Gentoo Linux, the ebuild
> script I wrote was able to clean out and re-install easily.
you shouldn't have to rebuild. Just add new data sources as you want,
either by hand or using gda-config-tool/gnome-database-properties

> >
> > anyway, try to use another data source, since the 'Default' one is buggy
> > and won't let you do much.
> >
> Yep. Which is why I deleted it. This would seem to be a bug, however. If you
> delete the Default, you can't do anything in the way of adding another (or
> at least you see nothing -- after re-installing, both of the ones I
> attempted to create that seemed to fail appeared as options).
you can't? How were you trying to add new data sources?

> Is Create Table an unimplemented function? I got no response when I
> attempted it.
it's unimplemented :-(


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