Re: [gnome-db] Deleted Default

On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 19:10, Ric Messier wrote:
> Hi,
>     So, I have 0.10.0 installed. I was trying to play with it a bit. After
> some tinkering around, I deleted the one labeled Default. Now, I can't add
> any connections, nor can I seem to be able to restore the Default. :-( Any
> thoughts would be appreciated? Either a way to fix it or a pointer at where
> this information is stored. An XML connections file, perhaps?
you can use the gnome-database-properties tool, which is part of
libgnomedb. If you've got only libgda, you can either use the
gda-config-tool command line tool, or edit ~/.libgda/config by hand,
which should look like the attached one.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/PostgreSQL">
    <entry name="Provider" type="string" value="PostgreSQL"/>
    <entry name="DSN" type="string"
    <entry name="Description" type="string" value="Personal database in
    <entry name="Username" type="string" value="rodrigo"/>
    <entry name="Password" type="string" value=""/>
  <section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/MySQL">
    <entry name="Provider" type="string" value="MySQL"/>
    <entry name="DSN" type="string"
    <entry name="Description" type="string" value="MySQL test
    <entry name="Username" type="string" value=""/>
    <entry name="Password" type="string" value=""/>
  <section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/mphoto">
    <entry name="DSN" type="string"
    <entry name="Description" type="string" value="Data source for
mphoto application"/>
    <entry name="Password" type="string" value=""/>
    <entry name="Provider" type="string" value="SQLite"/>
    <entry name="Username" type="string" value=""/>
  <section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/Default">
    <entry name="Provider" type="string" value="Default"/>
    <entry name="Username" type="string" value="nouser"/>
    <entry name="DSN" type="string" value="URI=/tmp/gnome-db-test.db"/>
    <entry name="Description" type="string" value="Default libgda
  <section path="/apps/libgda/Datasources/Firebird">
    <entry name="DSN" type="string"
    <entry name="Description" type="string" value="Firebird local
    <entry name="Password" type="string" value=""/>
    <entry name="Provider" type="string" value="FireBird"/>
    <entry name="Username" type="string" value=""/>

anyway, try to use another data source, since the 'Default' one is buggy
and won't let you do much.


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