Re: [gnome-db] database xml

On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 21:42, Philippe CHARLIER wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all, to introduce myself, I am not specialist in
> programmation.  Just able to program some small (and running;-) gnome
> applications.
> I would like to start a more important project but I need a way to
> save/load datas.
> Those datas are organized in a table format and a database would be
> perfect.
> After discovering "libgda", I had the impression it is the perfect tool.
> I would like to create f.ex. a program to record airports data : airport
> name, code, latitude, longitude, runways, runway lengths, ... .
> The user should have the possibility to save/load those datas in an xml
> file (using the usual File->Save, File->Load menus) and of course, the
> program (to be usefull) must access those datas to search, display, ...
> .
> I am searching since a few weeks in the doc, but the API reference gives
> an image of the trees and it seems I miss a more global view of the
> forest.  In clear I get no result : unable to create a database, read
> it, append data, ... .
it should maybe be more clear that it is GdaXmlDatabase what you want.
I'll add to my TODO list extending the docs for that part.

> Does anybody has an example of code on how to :
> - create a new XML database (name choosen by the user : f.ex.
> airports.db),
gda_xml_database or gda_xml_database_new_from_uri is what you want.

> - create tables in this XML database,

> - populate it with data,
gda_xml_database_new_table_from_model, or, after using
gda_xml_database_new_table, you can use gda_table_add_field and

> - search data in it,
GdaSelect has now basic support for SELECT queries. That is, you can do
simple queries (only one table supported so far). For an example of
usage, see the gda-evolution CVS module.

BTW, it would be really nice if somebody could help finishing GdaSelect,
so that it supports more complex queries. The current code is in
gda-select.[ch], so if somebody wants to have a look, please do, it
would be really nice to have it working, since it would allow us to add
full SQL support to non-SQL providers (such as the evolution one, or
LDAP, CSV, etc, etc).

> - display its data,
once you've got the data models, you can just display them in a
GnomeDbGrid, for instance.

> - and finally modify the data and save the new database.
just modify the data models directly.

> Thanks in advance for your help.
I must note though that all this might contain some unfinished things,
so please, when you find problems, tell us about them so we can fix them
soon,  before 1.0.


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