[gnome-db] database xml


First of all, to introduce myself, I am not specialist in
programmation.  Just able to program some small (and running;-) gnome
I would like to start a more important project but I need a way to
save/load datas.
Those datas are organized in a table format and a database would be

After discovering "libgda", I had the impression it is the perfect tool.

I would like to create f.ex. a program to record airports data : airport
name, code, latitude, longitude, runways, runway lengths, ... .
The user should have the possibility to save/load those datas in an xml
file (using the usual File->Save, File->Load menus) and of course, the
program (to be usefull) must access those datas to search, display, ...

I am searching since a few weeks in the doc, but the API reference gives
an image of the trees and it seems I miss a more global view of the
forest.  In clear I get no result : unable to create a database, read
it, append data, ... .

Does anybody has an example of code on how to :

- create a new XML database (name choosen by the user : f.ex.
- create tables in this XML database,
- populate it with data,
- search data in it,
- display its data,
- and finally modify the data and save the new database.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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