RE: [gnome-db] keybindings

Can we reserve F5, Alt-F5, and Shift-F5 or Ctrl-Enter for executing SQL
statements in the SQL editor?

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Hi Vivien and all

I just noticed you added keybindings for the View menu items. Those
items use the CTRL key, and, as far as I can see, they use bindings that
are, as from the HIG, reserved for other uses. Specifically, CTRL-F
(activates Forms tab) is used for 'Find', and I just found out the
problem after implementing searching in GnomeDbGrid [*1]

So, Vivien, I think we should go for other keybindings for those menu
items, such as CTRL-ALT-something, or whatever. I don't know what the
HIG says about this. Or maybe we can find some ununsed CTRL-?


[*1] You just press CTRL-F when the grid has focus, and an entry shows
up to ask for the string to search, and puts you on the first row that
matches the string as you type.

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