Re: [gnome-db] Re: GNOME CVS: libgda santi

> Hi Santi and all
> Santi, could you please add an entry to the top-level ChangeLog file for
> each change you make to CVS? You just have to add, to the beginning of
> that file, something like:
> 2003-01-11  Santi Camps
> 	* directory/file.c (function): explanation.
> 	* directory/file:explanation
> this is very important to have a good track of all changes, needed for
> detailed release announcements.
> cheers
Hi Rodrigo,

Yes, I know.  I've done it, but I forgot to commit ChangeLog.  I've
commited it now.  The commit comment of 2 or 3 files is also wrong,
becouse I didn't know how it works until you explained it to me in the

I'm sorry. I promise you a good commit next time :-)


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