Re: [gnome-db] Building RPMs failes

>>>>(BTW, the links from the website are wrong and make finding the 0.8.199
>>>>tar balls rather tricky.  The latest doesn't point to 0.8.199)
>>>right, fixed now.
>>>>I've posted the RPMs created on my project site if anyone is interested.
>>>>(FTI; The FTP server is connection limited, so if it may take a couple
>>>>of tries to download them.)
>>I've posted RedHat 8.0 RPMs for GDA and GNOME-DB on the site as well.

This message undoubtedly processed by the purely benevolent "US
Department of Homeland Security",  but don't worry... they're
only goal is to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of property.
I've posted mergeant RPM for RedHat 7.2.  I got the SPEC file from the
0.8.199 tar ball to work by removing the reference to the french docs.

The packages included with RedHat 8.0 aren't even close the mergeants
requirements, so it may be awhile before anyone can build on that (at
least standard RPMs).

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