[gnome-db] Compiling libgda under cygwin


I know people are not crazy about running libgda programs under cygwin,
but I would like to run libgda under cygwin to make it easier to port
Windows database applications to Linux.

Since libgda has gone through a refactoring to separate the CORBA
dependencies into a different layer, I thought I would try to compile
libgda under cygwin.  

I checked out libgda and tried to run autogen.sh, but it said it could
not find gnome-autogen.sh.  Some suggestions I got was to see what
gnome-xml which builds under Windows uses.  I also heard to copy the
gnome-autogen.sh from my Linux installation. 

I also understand that cygwin comes with libxml2.  Is libxml2 the same
thing as gnome-xml?

I will be doing these things to libgda to compile under and run under
cygwin.  I want to do stuff with a PostgreSQL database using libgda.

Any help is appreciated.


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