Re: [gnome-db] Re: dwi and libgda


I'm a part-time contributor to gASQL and I also follow this list. Regarding
your comments on the HTML problems:

>>Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean.   If I use glade to design a simple
>>form, using mostly nothing but gtkentry and gtkbutton, then this should
>>be fairly straightforward? Or is it that you can't tell what the submit
>>button is frm glade?
>yeah using just gtkentry and button is straight forward.
>but i dont have any apps written in bond that are that simple, they all
>have a wide
>variety of widgets. and somethng like a gtkclist, and esp a gtkdropdown
>a lot of callbacks.  Ie user changes this widget, these widgets are
>depend on it
>and must change there values accordingly.  and bang you have to do
>another post,
>and thats 1-5 seconds delay.  unless someoen knows some fancy arse html
>java) way to avoid refreshing widgets with posts.

I would suggest you have a look at

I'm not really familiar with it but it came imediately to my mind while I
was reading your comments, so it might not be far away. :)

Another possibility, maybe overkill but still interesting, is to use SashXB
from IBM

Best of success.


PS: btw, gASQL also binds glade forms to a database (but I'm not familiar
with this part of the project to add more comments).

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