Re: [gnome-db] Configuration

On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 20:17, Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:
> 	Hi!
> 	Somebody called 'fsl' told me in #gnome-db that it would be nice to make
> 	the search for configuration sections/entries using the XML parsed tree.
> 	This is interesting because doing so, i can add new sections/entries to
> 	the tree and then, when writing the file to disk, just use xmlSaveFile
> 	(or similar) to do it.
> 	I just have to change 4 functions (search and remove) to work using the
> 	XML tree.
> 	Ok to implement it whis way?
yes, perfect, it sounds nice.

> 	Question:
> 		-When do i have to write the XML tree to disk? Each time a set
> 		or remove function is called?
with any change, I guess, since that will avoid losing settings when
crashing, etc. Do it that way, and if we see a performance problem,
we'll change it to save it in an idle loop, for instance.


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