Re: [gnome-db] Patch to libgnomedb for GnomeDbSqlEditor (Gnome2)


I just verified the patch for libgnomedb, I do not know why my two new
gnome-db-sqleditor.c and gnome-db-sqleditor.h did not show up.

Do new files have to be manually added to cvs?

Anyways, I have a tarball that includes the two files above.

In addition, the following needs to be done:
* add the files (.c and .h) to libgnomedb/libgnomedb
* add them to libgnomedb/ (in _HEADERS and _SOURCES)
* #include the new .h in libgnomedb/libgnomedb.h

Also, I forgot to update the change log files, but I'm too sleepy to go
back and do those.

- Daniel

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 01:38, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> I have created a cvs patch for the new GnomeDbSqlEditor to be added to
> libgnomedb.  

Attachment: GnomeDbSqlEditor.tar.gz
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