[gnome-db] Network error with gnome-db, maybe not gnome-db error

Hi guys.

remember me? I'm the guy that's having problems compiling the src rpms on RH7.1. I've just manged to compile libgda but got compiling errors with gnome-db (would be nice to try compiling a 0.2.95 rpm....hope someone packges one).
SO I tried installing the old 0.2.94 binary I had and amazingly I get exaclty the same error "connectDBStart() -- connect() failed: Connection refused
	Is the postmaster running (with -i) at 'localhost'
	and accepting connections on TCP/IP port 5432?"

So I tried scanning the 4000-6000 port range on the computer and found out that only 6000 is open for X11. Now, I'm starting to think that it's a postgres problem (even though the crashing on gnome-db should be avoided). What the hell happened when I upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1 for Postgresql?
What postgres daemons should be running? I only have the postmaster running. Is that all? Why is postmaster not replying on 5432 port? I checked the pg_hda.conf file and the server is included (the one on which both postgres and gnome-db are installed). I seem to figure out that gnome-db relies on network operation while psql doesn't. That would clear why psql works and gnome-db not. No?

I have just scanned the whole port range with nmap (tcp&icmp) and found out that there's no postmaster entry. Which port should postmaster be listening to? It's strange. When I had the 7.0 version everything worked well. As soon as I upgraded things started to get complicated.

Can you guys figure out something here.

Thnaks for your help. Would not go anywhere without it ;-)


                 Antonio Gennarini
                Crecchio, CH - ITALY
Earth Science student at University "G. D'Annunzio".
     Join th GNU generation, start from LINUX.

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