[gnome-db] Egnima status


Just a quick note to inform you of the porting status of Egnima.

I've almost finished that job: all the objects now inherit from GObject
instead of GtkObject, and for all the objects (and most of the widgets),
the GObject's function calls are now used, the same with the new signals

At the moment Egnima does compile and can even be run with the following
- it quickly crashes
- it is impossible to load the caracteristics of a database using libgda
because some schemas are not yet ready in libgda (you can use the
previous XML files though if you change the name of the dtd).
- I have a bug with the Canvas items I use (I need to investigate this).

What remains to be done before we can start new developments on it are:
- more cleanup of the code for the "destroy" signal, 
- convert GnomeDialog usage to GtkDialog usage,
- some testing and bug fixing



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