RE: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL


I've not yet upgraded to gnome 2.0 and partly because of it I'm on hold on
coding for gASQL. I also believe this project could benefit from having a
better web presence that could bring more hands to it.

So, I would like to give an hand to the docs. If I understand correctly the
situation, we have:

- API documentation being taken care of by the developers themselves;
- a user manual to be handled by Adam Williams;
- web site to be handled by Peter Brown;
- Vivien has a quite good developer documentation for the (former) gASQL

There are many questions I have regarding these, but to start with, I think
project information is a bit lacking: what is the project vision, what are
the features, implementation details, what is the architecture, what is the
project status, who is doing what, TODO, etc.

Well, anything that would help a potential collaborator becoming interested
in the project and be easily able to help with it. That's where I'm more
interested and I would like to help with it.

I think this is mostly what makes the web site so I would like to know if
you (Peter Brown, maintainers, others) share this understanding and what are
the plans so that I can see more concretely what can I do.

I can't help much with web development itself but I'm willing to learn and I
can help with some doc writing, edition, organisation, see what's missing,
pestering maintainers,...



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