[gnome-db] Re: libgda/providers/oracle diff

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 06:10, Tim Coleman wrote:
> Here's a diff of about the last week and a half worth of libgda
> oracle provider code I've been working on.  I can now do
> lots more stuff with oracle than before, including:
ok, applied to CVS. Only one thing missing, which is the ChangeLog
entry, so please, edit libgda/ChangeLog and enter there ALL the changes
you've done, and send me a diff for it, please.

> If anyone wants screenshots, let me know :)
yeah, please, so that I can put them on the website.
> NOTE: The gda-oracle-connection.c and gda-oracle-connection.h
> files that were in the CVS are not required anymore.
ok, so do I remove them from CVS?

> Rodrigo said that I should send this diff to cvsmaster gnome org
> and CC to him.  I have also CC'ed the gnome-db list because I
> thought that people might want to be "in the know".
again, that's not what I said :-) I said that you would need a CVS
account in GNOME CVS, and for this, you'll have to write
cvsmaster gnome org asking for it.

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