Re: [gnome-db] Name proposal/contest for gnome-db/gASQL

One question. Will we rename also the CVS module name?

I mean, when egnima is ready to move from gasql branch to HEAD, we
should have: 

- libgda
- libgnomedb
- egnima

So the package called gnome-db will be dead.


El mar, 11-06-2002 a las 13:34, Malerba_Vivien stna dgac fr escribió:
> Le jeu 06/06/2002 à 15:46, Malerba_Vivien stna dgac fr a écrit :
> > Hi!
> > 
> > After the merger of gnome-db and gASQL, we are looking for a name for
> > the frontend application. So far I've proposed EGNIMA (if we want to
> > give it a meaning, it could be something like Enhanced GNome Information
> > MAnager).
> > 
> > If you have any other idea or simply want to say you like/don't like
> > that proposal, tell me.
> > 
> Right, from what I've seen on the list, it seems Egnima is the right
> name to switch to, so the gnome-db and gASQL marger will now be called
> "Egnima".
> Cheers,
> Vivien
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