[gnome-db] Re: gnome-db/gASQL status

Le ven 07/06/2002 à 16:31, Rodrigo Moya a écrit :
> yes, it might be better to have it separated. I'll have something in my
> head tonight, and hopefully start implementing it.
> BTW, the new GnomeDbBrowser is now in CVS :-) Please try it and tell me
> what you think should be added/removed/changed.

It's taken me some time because I've had to install the Gnome2 framework
on my box (an old Linux) and it is quite difficult when you don't have
the right versions of the GNU tools.

I think the widget it pretty nice like that and this is almost the
widget I need for Egnima, but:
* I only need the object selector part of the widget (not the notebook)
and so I think it should be split;
* There is not, for the tables and views, the list of fields for each
table or view which is something I would need;
* because I would like to insert a queries sub-part in the tree view,
I'd like to have a function which does the same as the static
add_schema_objects() but which takes a GtkTreeStore instead of a
GdaConnectionSchema (so I can prepare a GtkTreeStore and give it to the
widget which will display it correctly).
* I would like to have one optional more column to write down some
information (like a description for example of each object).

Also, with more time to think about it, I believe we really need this as
a new widget rather than a specified Grid widget.



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