Re: [gnome-db] config file DTD

* [ Margus Všli <mvali hot ee>
* Sat, 08 Jun 2002 22:12:06 +0200 ]
> Gonzalo gave me part of the DSN config DTD, 
> so I propose adding it to the
> /etc/libgda/config file (attached modified version from unstable .deb)
> It now validates Ok with xmllint --valid --noout

Well, i can easilly use the DTD in memory directly to validate the file.
But by now i'm using. May be i'll do when people start using the command
line tool (currently named gda-config-tool, but will change as it is
gonna include more stuff than configuration).

I also think that it is better to have it separated from config files,
so the user won't be annoyed if he decides to write/modify the config
file by hand.


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