[gnome-db] Configuring GnomeDB/libgda


I've downloaded and compiled both the GnomeDB and libgda ... but how the
heck do you configure database connections so I can use the connections
in gnumeric or gASQL ... 

I can find a lot of details about development how to include this
library into my own programs ... I might want to do that sometime ...
but not now ... Now I just want to use the connections in Gnumeric.

Well, I've tried the gda-test program and it works!! (Yippie!) But how
to use the libgda/gnome-db a little bit further ... Don't worry about
the Gnumeric integration ... I just want to configure gnome-db/libgda

Can you please help me ... just point me the way ... does it exist a FAQ
or HOWTO somewhere (I prefer an English version)

Thank you!

David S.

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