Re: [gnome-db] empty recset problem with postgres + gnome-db

* [ Wurbel Eric <wurbel univ-tln fr>
* Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:47:06 +0100 ]
> when trying to access to table data, I get an error
> from [gda-postgres] saying that 
> - postgres_recset is NULL
> - native message is : ERROR: No such attribute or function oid
> When I try with gASQL, I have an additionnal dialog which says
> that it cannot execute the query : SELECT
> I suspect that for one reason or another le SQL statement
> is reduced to "SELECT".

	You can put this two values in your postgresql.conf (mine is in

		debug_level = 1
		debug_print_query = on

	Then, after the error, take a look at the postgresql log
	(filename set in postmaster.conf:POSTGRES_LOG=/var/log/postgres.log)
	and you can see the query and tell us.


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