RE: [gnome-db] cygwin update

> Margus wrote:
> Fernando wrote:
> >>I suspect this is a problem with the way glib is compiled (cygwin or
> >>windows) but had not the time to research it further.
> >>
> The problem is that the precompiled binaries at
> are not for cygwin since the path interpretation doesn't
> work.
> I was then struggling to get glib compiled on cygwin :(

I've tried the opposite approach of using the pre-compiled glib libraries
and trying to compile libgda with the -mno-cygwin -fnative-struct flags. I
imediately run into problems. Basically, it looks I've to restart anew with
mingw (I was not even aware of it!) and forget cygwin. I'll report back
after recovering :-).



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