Re: [gnome-db] Bug in default provider

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 15:26, Richard Campbell wrote:
> I believe there is a bug in gda-default-provider.c which causes the supports
> handler to always return false. Shouldn't the && operator in the code below
> be an || operator?
> This may be an intentional bug to keep the provider from lying about what it
> supports because the gda_default_provider_execute_command() and and the
> process_sql_command() routines do not seem to be implemented yet. Does
> anyone know the status of this provider? Is it supposed to be working yet?
no, you are right, it is wrong. It's now fixed in CVS.

The default provider is half implemented, but only needs a bit of work
to have the basic stuff working, which is what I'm going to try before
the 0.9beta1. I hope to have the basics working soon then :-)


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