Re: [gnome-db] rpms for 0.8.192

On Tue, 2002-08-20 at 01:37, Ben Liblit wrote:
> Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > If Chris Chabot doesn't answer your mail, please resend your patch
> > to the list, and I'll apply it myself.
> Still no reply from Chris, so it's probably not worth waiting any
> longer.  An updated version of my patch is attached below.  See
> <>
> for my original description of the changes.
ok, patchs applied.

> One paragraph from that message bears repeating here:
>     If I can make a friendly suggestion, it may be worthwhile to make
>     regular RPM building part of your development process.  For
>     example, when new CVS snapshots are posted, perhaps corresponding
>     RPMs should be built and posted as well.  That would go a long way
>     toward avoiding bit rot in the future, or at least detecting bit
>     rot earlier in the development process.
> I still believe that this is a good idea.
> ______________________________________________________________________
I also believe so. We've been looking for someone to do regularly RPM
packages, but so far, we've just had temporary contributions, which
didn't last much longer than a single release :-(

So, yes, it is a good idea, but we need somebody to actually do the work
of doing the RPMs as a new release is out. Of course, having also RPM
snapshorts would be wonderful.

Are you volunteering for the job? :-))


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