Re: [gnome-db] rpms for 0.8.192

Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> The spec files in CVS should work

They should, but they most certainly do not:

  % rpm -ta libgda-0.8.192.tar.gz
  error: File /root/libgda- version@.tar.gz: No such file or directory

One month ago, I offered up a set of patches to fix all three gnome-db
spec files.  Three weeks ago, Rodrigo Moya requested that I get Chris
Chabot's approval for those changes.  Two weeks ago, Chris Chabot (who
had been away on holidy) agreed to review the diffs if I would resend
them, which I promptly did in private mail.

As of today, those patches still have not been applied.

Persons wishing to build RPMs should see
and apply those patches by hand to a current CVS snapshot.  There will
be some conflicts on */ChangeLog, since other entries have since been
added, but everything else should still apply cleanly.  You'll have to
ask Rodrigo or Chris when these changes might make it into CVS.

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