Re: [gnome-db]MySQL provider

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 02:17:53PM +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> On 28 Jun 2001 08:56:34 +0200, Vivien Malerba wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I've made some work on the MySQL provider to make it provide
> > a data types list, and more is on the way for functions and 
> > aggregates.
> > 
> great!
> > I have not yet commited the changes because I first wanted to know
> > if some people are currently working on it. Can you tell
> > me if that is the case, or if I can commit the work?
> > 
> I'm not aware of somebody working on the MySQL provider, so please
> commit

Ok, then I'll commit this work soon. 

Since I don't think we can use SQL commands to get the data types, 
functions,..., I have used the same technique as with the Postgres provider:
the recordset which is returned does not come from a MYSQL_RES but from
a char * tabular, and is managed in the same way as the MYSQL_RES.

As I have used the same implementation as with postgres, maybe we could
create a providers/common directory to store this small implementation
to avoid having it in the gda-postgres-server and in the gda-mysql-server 
What do you think?

> > I plan to work on the Postgres and MySQL providers to bring
> > them at the same level (gASQL has taken me a lot of time to
> > release the latest version!).
> >
> This is great Vivien. Thanks a lot! BTW, very nice work on gASQL! I know

Thanks :)

> it was a lot of work to move it from gnome-db/libgda 0.1 to the latest
> versions, so sorry, since that was my fault (for making so many changes)
> :-)

No problem! It's better if the necessary changes are made :)


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