Re: [gnome-db]Re: gnome-db-0.2.9 packages

>>>So, the final tarballs for the 0.2.9 version are now at
>>> Akira, could you please make the debian packages as soon as you can?
>>> Also, Ismael, would you volunteer again for making the RPMs? If not,
>>> anyone volunteers to do them? Both tarballs include a revised spec file
>>> (by Serge), so they should work by just doing:
>Ismael, there's a person (Adam) who's already made the libgda packages and is
>waiting for a new gnome-db tarball to make the gnome-db ones, so don't expend more
>time on this.
>Well, one moment, Adam, the packages you sent me are for RH 7, right? if they're
>for 6.x, Ismael, don't relax, we'll need your help :-)

They should work on >RH7,  but since this is the first tme I've made
RPMs for public consumtion,  someone should test them.

Ximian GNOME, Evolution, LTSP, and RedHat Linux + LVM & XFS

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