Re: [gnome-db]What's the progress on 'builder'?

On 21 Jan 2001 18:57:59 +0100, Daniel Wagner wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm interested to have a sort of a builder for forms and reports for
> gnome-db. I looked through the mailing list and found that someone 
> also was interested to have such a thing. Now I whould like to know
> the status of this particular work is? Anyway I would like to help
there's not much done. Some weeks ago, I just converted the old
gnomedb-builder (which was a useless window which did nothing) into a
Bonobo control, so that it can get loaded in the front-end. But it's
still useless.

Carlos and I are working on the basic report engine architecture (which
will be a CORBA-based engine), and once this is done, we can start
working on a report designer.

About the forms, there's nothing but ideas: the main idea is to
integrate gnome-db with glade for this, maybe by using libglade. For the
moment, it's not possible to embed the glade form designer in an
application, so the only thing you could do is to load already exisiting
.glade files and run them. But before this can be done, the GNOME-DB
widgets must be integrated in the glade designer, so that they can be
easily used with Glade, libglade, etc.

There have been talks about adding CORBA support to Glade so that it
exports its fonctionality to the outside world. And that's what should
be done before going further in the form stuff.

If you want to help, you can maybe start by adding GNOME-DB support to
glade, or by helping on the report engine.


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