Re: [gnome-db]Spanish translation

Hi Rodrigo (and all ;-)

On 17 Jan 2001, Rodrigo Moya wrote:

> Hi Jorge (and all)!
> I forgot to tell you that I've got already a person who is going to make
> the translations to Spanish (I told hime last week about it, and I've
> just received a mail from him), so forget about this part, or, if you're
> really interested in doing this part, just tell me and I'll put you in
> touch with that person.
I believe that it is better if just one person does it because it's not
such a big amount of documentation. What I can do is review the
translation when it is finished if he thinks that could be helpful.

> If you prefer to work on other things, perfect, the other ones are free
> right now.

Ok, I'll begin with the Web part. I'll take a look at it and will try to
make a list of what needs to be done. Then it could be completed here.
Before starting I have some questions: 
 - where is the web server hosted? 
 - do we have complete access to it (I mean to install new software)? 
 - are the pages automagically published when they are commited?

> cheers

See you,

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