[gnome-db]Re: To contribute with gnome-db

On 16 Jan 2001 13:39:58 -0200, Anderson Clayton wrote:
> Hello Rodrigo,
> How are you ?
> My name is Anderson Clayton, and I'm thinking of to contribute with gnome-db project, but I'm still lose what I can do to help it.
> I started to program three years ago, with M$-Access, Pascal(a little) and Progress 4GL/SQL. Now I'm still learning C++ by myself ... :-)
> I would like to know, if you have something to help the project.
Hi Anderson!

Well, there are many things you can do to help on gnome-db. There are
still too many unfinished
things, apart from many not-yet-supported things, so you can choose.

For the moment, I can think of the following things:
* finish one of the unfinished providers: MySQL, MDB (for MS Access mdb
files), LDAP, Oracle
* finish both perl and python bindings, or improve the C++ bindings.
Also, it would be great to add
bindings for gnome-db (the current bindings are only for libgda)
* help on the report engine
* finish the XML Database stuff: this is a set of functions to allow
programmatic access to XML files
that describe a given dataabse. This XML format will be used for
importing/exporting data between
unrelated RDBMS, so also an export/import tool should be written.
* documentation: translate it or improve the existing one
* web site: it's orphaned, nobody takes care of it, so it would be great
if you help on this, since I
myself don't have time right now.

well, there are other things that you can do to help, but I can't think
of more right now, so if you don't like
any of these, just say it and I'll think a bit more about what you can

cheers and thanks for your help offer! Welcome aboard!

PS: ah! and please, subscribe to the mailing list

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